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Creando's Five Senses Learning Approach

Our proprietary learning approach is what makes our educational program so unique and magical!


Young children are active learners from birth and interactions with their immediate world are very important. By coordinating all of their senses, they are able to build knowledge. Our interactive language learning approach provides many positive benefits that help improve children’s development by acquiring a new language. Creando believes in nurturing the child's curiosity, exploration, creativity, body and mind through interactive explorations and our Spanish immersion program. We take pride in providing a program that focuses on exploration and play. Centered in providing a variety of hands-on explorations such as cooking, arts & crafts, STEM, music, movement, storytelling, and pretend play, we ignite curiosity and exploration while learning a second language!





Creando takes the five senses learning approach and brings it to life for your child by incorporating an interactive and exciting theme based adventure for them to explore. Our teachers will take them around the world and introduce them to a new language through fun activities and a loving environment.

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