Our Programming 

Language Enrichment

Our language enrichment program is for kiddos ages 2-5. Open every morning from 9am-12pm during the school year and every Saturday all year from 10am-12pm. Check out our Summer Half Day Camps for summer programing. 

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Afterschool Program

Our after school program is for kiddos ages 4-10. Open Mondays from 1-6pm and Tuesdays - Fridays 3-6pm. MMSD provides busing from Midvale School to a bus pick up location at Hilldale. 

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Drop-off PlaY Time

This is where the fun happens. Our Exploration Play Time is open Saturdays from 12-5pm and Sundays from 10am-2pm. Join us for PEQUES' NIGHT Fridays from 6-9pm and Saturdays from 5-8pm while you shop & Dine at Hilldale. 

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Check out our summer programing for fun language explorations. Our Spring Break Camp and Summer Camps are open for kiddos ages 2-8 years old and they run every year. 

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Creando Explorertorium Hilldale is a fun bilingual based child enrichment and drop-in care center. You can enroll in our fun enrichment classes and camps for the entire semester/session, purchase class packs to use as your schedule allows, or drop-in the same day. Our drop-in exploration play time is also the perfect care option for your kiddo so you can enjoy all the amazing shops and dinning at Hilldale Mall.  

Each activity will have a fun theme and incorporate our proprietary Five Senses Learning Approach that uses music, art, dancing, story time, imagination play, cooking, science and fun games. We use a bilingual Spanish/English based curriculum to celebrate and explore culture and diversity, however, all students with all language skills and levels are welcome. Your kiddo does not need any prior exposure to the Spanish language to join our classes and immediately have fun learning, playing, exploring and discovering the world with all their senses. Drop your child at Creando Explorertorium and enjoy all the amazing stores and dinning Hilldale has to offer knowing your kiddo is growing at Madison's best enrichment program.


What to Expect when you register? 

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