Adult Spanish Classes

Bringing the world to your home! ®

Learn Spanish this summer from the comfort of your own home with our top-notch instructors. We will be hosting semester classes starting June 30th 2020! We will be hosting a basic class and conversational for advanced students. 

*Basic Uno --------------------------------------

   June 30th- September 24th

  T/TH from 6pm-6:45pm (26 Classes)

*Basic Dos -------------------------------------------

  September 28th- December 18th 

  T/TH from 6pm-6:45pm (24 Classes)

*Conversational Advanced Uno -----------------

  July 1st- September 23rd

  Wednesdays from 6pm-6:45pm 

*Conversational Advanced Dos ------------------

  September 30th-December 16th

  Wednesdays from 6pm-6:45pm 

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