Outdoor Language Explorations- How can you continue to foster language explorations at home?

¡La primavera ya llegó! Spring is here and with beautiful weather comes more outdoor explorations. How do you foster and encourage language exploration at home?

Engaging experiences provide a rich context for the development of language, as students communicate their observation and discoveries about the world around them, they build and make connections that will last a lifetime. Meaningful language explorations occur during play where students are required to communicate with each other, speak, listen, create, explore, read, write, among other interactive activities. Free play and guided play have an important role in the development of children and especially in the development of the new acquired language skills.

We love incorporated the Creando five senses learning approach in all our activities, this allows for a richer and natural exploration of the new language while having fun. So, how can you continue to foster language exploration at home while keeping it fun and engaging for your kiddo? The answer is !NATURALEZA! yes, nature! kiddos love to feel free and in the wild. We love using nature in the classroom to introduce new learning themes and important skills such math & science. You can also use nature at home this Primavera and Verano to foster and support your kiddos Spanish journey!

Here is a couple of activities that you can do at home to engage your kiddos and yourself in the Spanish language and culture!

Here are some outdoor activities to continue to foster and support your kiddos language journey!

1. Pine Cone Math Time (Introducing basic math skills such as sumatriptans y resta )

2. DIY Chalk & Liquid Paint (Practicing vocabulary such as colores, textures y figuras)

3. Building a bird nest (Introducing new knowledge about pájaros)

4. Nature scavenger hunt (building and practicing vocabulary and phrases)

You can also find some extra resources and worksheet in our online learning tab!

Un fuerte abrazo!

Maestra Karen


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