Los Colores de Nuestra Piel (Hands-on exploration)

Celebrating Diversity, Culture and Language

Hola Familias,

This past summer, Creando started a series of free community events to celebrate diversity, culture and language with everyone in the Madison and surrounding areas. One of our main goals as educators is to let our students know that all people are worthy of love, respect, rights, safety and opportunity. We want all our students and kiddos of every color out there to grow up knowing that they all are important members of community and to know their value and to learn to respect and value others. So, we started this series of events with a lovely book that helps kiddos of all ages understand the beauty of diversity within our own family, friends and community as a whole.

We read the book "The color of us" by Karen Katz. (If you don't have the book, you can watch this video) This is an amazing book to start the discussion at home with little ones about diversity. You can start the conversation by asking your kiddo (s) to describe a rainbow. You can follow up the conversation by asking them what makes a rainbow - "arcoiris" so special? This is one of my favorite ways to describe diversity to my little ones, asking them to think about community as a one big rainbow, colorful, vibrant, special and unique. This is the perfect time to ask your kiddo to look around them, at their siblings, parents or people around them and remind them that we are all unique and every one of us is an important member of this community and when we all work together and protect each other, our community looks just like a beautiful rainbow up in the sky.

You can follow up the discussion by reading the book "The Color of Us" by Karen Katz. Lena the main character of the books finds out that there are many shades of brown out there and her mom takes her around town to explore them. After reading the book you can ask your kiddos/students to use the worksheet " Todo sobre mi" to describe themselves (download our worksheet down below.) then you can move to explore colors and shades with this fun and hands-on art project "Mi retrato" (You can download the face shape down below.)

todo sobre mi
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You can use the multicultural Crayola brand paint or crayons to help your kiddos explore different shades and find the one they identify with. It is important to start the discussion at home early on and keep reminding our kiddos that all people are worthy of love, respect, rights, safety and opportunity.

Un fuerte abrazo,

Maestra Karen 

Los colores de mi piel
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