El Reloj Craft- “¿Qué hora es?”

Hola, chicos, ¡espero que todos estén disfrutando de reste hermoso día! Hoy les tenemos una actividad súper simple y divertida sobre el tiempo “¿Qué hora es?”

At preschool, we have been exploring time-tiempo and our kiddos have been enjoying making clocks and watches to tell time. This activity has helped our kiddos with number recognition, sequence, writing skills, and adding new vocabulary such as manecilla-clock hand, hora-hour y minutos-minutes, as well as asking ¿qué hora es?

Down below you can find step by step pictures to make this simple reloj with your kiddo.


1. Paper towel roll

2. Color and white piece of paper

3. Glue, makers, crayons

4. Pipe cleaner


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