Adding the pressures of Hola, J’adore and Ciao to parenting

The idea of raising bilingual children in the past ten years has changed completely. Parents in this new era are beginning to understand the importance of having a second, third, or fourth language as part of their child’s life. The benefits towards brain development, as well as social and economic development goes on and on. Job applications, newspapers, commercial ads and everyday life come with all sorts of second language innuendos such as Hola, J’adore and Ciao. But, what does this mean for parents today in America?

The pressure and competition continues to grow for parents to have their child be the best and have the best, and adding the pressures of raising a bilingual child can be more than busy mom or dad can handle. However, language immersion programs are popping up all over in an attempt to help parents lower the stress of raising a bilingual child. But, most programs have forgotten the core and central idea of how children should learn a second language.

Children are curious, engaging, and affectionate. They love to have fun, explore and break some rules. Like Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” It is not science, but a real love for teaching that gives us the power to really understand how to help our children learn and feel independent in their own search of self-exploration.

So, to make this simple, good early immersion programs are very important for helping your child learn and be immersed in a second language, but they go hand in hand with your willingness to get involved. A parent’s help back at home is very important for raising a bilingual child. Repetition, consistency, a familiar caretaker and a great program will ensure that your kiddo will actually soak in all the wonders that a second language can bring to their lives.

My job in this blog will be to guide you trough these language explorations with your child and post great ideas on how you can continue the language exploration at home in a fun and creative way. Remember that your kiddo will have more fun learning with you, so make sure to look for language program that welcomes parents into the classroom. This is also a great way to immerse yourself in some Spanish so you can be the language guide back at home.

Un fuerte abrazo and let’s continue to make language explorations that will last a lifetime!


Karen Haygood


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