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“MY KID LOVEs Creando's Classes”

Our 2 1/2 year old is a part of Creando's Spanish immersion program at the Atwood location. He absolutely loves the class and the teacher! Throughout each day, in our house and in the community, he has been using the Spanish he learned in class. Recently, a family member asked him to name one thing that makes him special, and he said, "Spanish class." We are extremely happy with Creando Little Language Explorers and have recommended the courses to all our family and friends!!            

 -Rose G. Madison, WI


  • Engage in active play through movement, music, and dance.
  • Encourage children to explore, learn, and play with all their senses.
  • Create a communication and language system that works for each explorer.
  • Improve confidence and the desire to learn by moving at each child's own pace.
  • Construct ideas of the world by acquiring basic vocabulary, math, and social skills.
  • Create social and trusting relationships by providing a positive and fun environment.
  • Provide attentive responsiveness and stimulation to foster confidence in the new language.
  • Encourage children to solve problems and become independent through exploration and play.
  • Engage in creative participation by exploring, artistic projects, pictures, imitation and pretend play.
  • Provide a home based learning approach that offers a sense of security and a familiar environment.
  • Gain a sense of self by exploring, playing, and gaining confidence in their developing language skills.
Creando Little Language Explorers believes that every child will benefit by learning a second language. In addition to improving their own cognitive development and learning abilities across many areas, children who learn a second language will become better global citizens through cultural awareness and the ability to communicate with more people around the world.

Our Mission and Philosophy