Spanish Immersion Program for Young Children in Madison, WI

           Bringing The World to Your Home! ®

Our Home-Based program imitates the natural way that a child learns his or her native language. We use our 8-Week themed exploration classes and we bring the adventures to life in the comfort of your own home. Each themed exploration class runs for one hour a week for eight weeks. All the books and materials are provided. We also offer special prices for groups of more than two. If you are interested in hosting one of our themed exploration classes at your home, call us or email us for more information.

We can also host our Spanish themed explorations at your school! Our five senses learning approach and fun curriculum is equipped to spark the magic of learning a second language. If you would like us to host our fun Spanish themed exploration classes at your school, call us or email to find out more information about this great opportunity.

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At Your Home or School 


​Woodland Montessori School is proud and excited to host Creando at our school during the 2014-2015 school year.  We are enjoying our second of three immersion sessions with Creando, and Karen and her delightful staff have been a pleasure and rewarding to work with.  Creando is a program that has real mastery in teaching young children the Spanish language while also being impressively respectful in honoring the program or school within which they teach.  For example, before Creando began at Woodland, Karen found the time to meet with our Kindergarten teacher and observe the classroom Creando would be teaching in - this allowed her to gather an understanding of the school's philosophy and methods before her lessons began at Woodland.  Furthermore our staff were permitted to observe ongoing sessions at Creando before we agreed to host the program.  The meetings and work that followed between Woodland and Creando demonstrate the fantastic collaboration that occurred to determine how best to bring this wonderful program to the Montessori setting.  I was therefore already impressed with Creando, and their thoughtful and willing work, even before they began their formal classes with the children at Woodland.  The classes are energetic and enriching.  The children love Creando visits and are continuously growing their knowledge of Spanish culture and of the language itself through this work.  I highly recommend Karen and Creando Languages for your little learner or your early childhood program - they are a quality program and a joy to work with.

Erin R. Trondson
Head of School
Woodland Montessori - Madison, WI