Spanish Immersion Program for Young Children in Madison, WI

2600  Monroe St.

Classes & Camps

Creando is a fun and hands on Spanish immersion program with the main goal of providing a safe, fun, interactive learning environment for young children. Creando counts with the two vibrant and cozy little studios and a beautiful preschool program located in the Dudgeon Monroe and Greenbush Neighborhood of Madison, WI. All our locations have a space to develop creative thinking, spark curiosity, use your imagination and explore and learn a second language. 

We hope to be a special place for families in the Madison community by offering a range of creative language explorations including ongoing language classes, afterschool programs, Saturday classes, spring & summer camps, home-based program, preschool program and special events where the whole family can explore and learn while having fun. 

Children are explorers by nature and are always eager to discover and create. Our classes and programs offer a dynamic and hands on learning experience by introducing Spanish theme activities in a way that encourages them to get involved and use the new language in a real life context. Our curriculum was created to deliver fun, every-day activities and introduce new concepts of life around the world by using a new language. Finally, our curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn a new language and explore a new culture by interacting in a fun and creative activities such painting, acting, singing, dancing, exploring the outdoor, science projects all in a familiar environment. All our activities are age appropriate to create a safe, fun, and interactive environment for all our students. 

404 W. Lakeside St.

1934 Monroe St.